Business Name Registration

Now You Have The Opportunity To Register Your Business, Company, Church, Mosque, School, Association, NGO with us And Get Your Certificate In 2-3 weeks.

Requirements For Business Name Registration

2 Proposed Names 
2 Passport Photo 
Home & Business Address
Phone Number, Email 
Valid Means of ID 
Full Name

Requirements For Company Registration (LTD)

Proposed Business Names (2) 
At least 2 Directors 
Business Objectives (3) 
Home & Business Address
Phone Number & Email 
Valid Means Of ID 
Full Name 
All The Details Should Be For All The Directors.

Requirement For Incorporated Trustee Details (LTD)

Proposed Business Names (2) 
At least 2 Trustee 
Business Objectives (3) 
Home & Office address 
Phone number & Email 
Valid means of ID 
Full name 
Details of secretary 
Details of chairman. 
Passport photo 
All the details should be for all the trustees.

Requirements For Trademark Registration 
Product/Service Name(s) For Search. 
Company Name and Address. 
Full Names Of Owner(or agent), 
Address, Email and Phone Number. 
Acknowledgement and Acceptance Letters(Approval)Ready Within Two weeks

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